What is the METRO Proposition?

The METRO Proposition provides funding to implement the METRONext Moving Forward Plan, which increases high-capacity rapid transit services, including:

  • Providing more than $4 billion over 20 years to fix our streets and sidewalks
  • Extending existing light rail lines and adding a light rail line to Hobby Airport
  • Expanding park & rides and commuter service on most major freeways
  • Improving service on 260 miles of bus routes
  • Creating new Metro Rapid high-speed bus lines which have many of the same advantages as rail

The funds would be provided by the sale of up to $3.5 billion in bonds over 20 years with no new taxes. METRO would also apply for federal matching funds up to $3.5 billion. Together with $500 million in local funds, METRO’s potential investment is $7.5 billion.

For details on the METRONext Moving Forward plan, visit www.MetroNext.org. Click here to download plan specifics as of August 13.

Houston Chronicle Endorses the METRO Proposition

Five Good Reasons to Vote FOR METRO

1. Vote FOR METRO to pass a bold new plan for sustainable transit solutions that will provide more transportation choices for more people, connecting them to jobs, education and healthcare – all while improving our economy, environment, quality of life, and competitiveness with other urban areas.

2. Vote FOR METRO to better serve communities that depend upon transit services by expanding bus and rail service. Access to quality and reliable public transportation services is critical to providing economic opportunity to working families and people without cars.

3. Vote FOR METRO to help seniors and people with disabilities by providing reliable public transportation so they can live independent, dignified lives where they are able to stay in their own homes. This plan also helps working and middle-income families and those without cars have a way to get to their jobs, training programs, or schools.

4. Vote FOR METRO to get more transit for every dollar through METRO Rapid Service. The plan proposes 75 miles of state-of-the-art, train-like Metro Rapid Service, which is bus rapid transit service on dedicated lanes, that is significantly less expensive than rail, but provides similar service.

5. Vote FOR METRO to manage traffic congestion, provide sustainable transportation options and keep Houston competitive with other major American cities. The Houston metro area is one of the fastest growing regions in the country, with the population expected to grow to 10 million by 2040. 

Election Dates

ELECTION DAY is Tuesday, November 5. EARLY VOTING begins on Monday, October 21 and ends on Friday, November 1.